Who is Pulpo?

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What is Pulpo Design?

Pulpo Design offers web design in Chesterfield and the surrounding area. We also provide logo design, leaflet & business card design, and digital media support to new and small businesses on a budget. We are a team of just two – Jamie & Dan – and are less than a year old as a company, so we’re in the same ‘new business’ boat as many of our clients. We have experience in digital marketing, web design, photography, and graphic design. We understand how time consuming digital marketing can be, especially if it’s not your expertise, and so we’re here to help as much as  we can, to build your brand online.

Pulpo Design is a proud supporter of both Ashgate Hospicecare & Rotherham Hospice.

What We Do...

What do we do?

  • WordPress web design for new and small businesses.
  • All the help, skills, & tools you’ll need to start ranking higher and higher on Google & Bing.
  • Online advertising – useful channels, and analysing the results.
  • Photography (as part of a website project, product brochures).
  • Logo design.
  • Leaflet & brochure design.
  • Online social media marketing and analytics.
  • Social media advice and management.
  • Videography.
  • Creative writing.
  • E-mail campaigns.

web design in chesterfield

web design in derbyshire

Meet Pulpo's Helpers...

web design chesterfield derbyshire

Jamie Smith.
Creative Director.

Jamie is 31, born and raised in Leicester, now living in Chesterfield. Having worked with WordPress web design in Chesterfield, for small businesses in the past, as well as in IT, on market stalls, e-commerce (selling across Amazon & eBay and setting up a now successful warehouse selling across platforms all over the country) and photography, he also created a photobooth for events, and has spent years working with Photoshop. He has a degree in Politics & Journalism (don’t get him started!), and has a fascination with US history. He also has a pretty cool telescope that he hasn’t figured out how to use (any tips, greatly appreciated).

Jamie moved to Chesterfield in 2015 to be with his partner, and ran the marketing side of a small business, before joining forces with Dan and Pulpo to create Pulpo Design ltd. Jamie is always happy to chat, so feel free to drop him an email:

chesterfield web design agency

Daniel Wheeldon.
Business Development Director.

With virtually no experience in the world of I.T and WordPress web design for small businesses, you would be forgiven for thinking this is an odd choice of career. But actually, what Dan does have, is 20 years experience in the retail environment, and an excellent understanding of interpreting what a customer wants into reality. As a previous manager of local retail businesses, he is well versed in many aspects of marketing, product display, and getting the customers through a physical or virtual door. A huge benefit is, that because he is not from a world of computers, but does understand what is possible, he can easily take a client through the process, and often acts as a translator between both worlds!

Outside of work, he is a family man, with a  wife, two children and a dog. He spends his time acting as a taxi driver for the kids, dog walking, or following his dreams of am dram and poetry. He is also a keen supporter or Ashgate Hospicecare having won the 2016 Mr Hearthrob competition (don’t laugh) and sat in every seat at the Proact to raise money for them.


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Pulpo does not just offer WordPress web design for small businesses. That’s far too limited. We’re also happy to advise you and consult with you on any part of your online presence that you think might need a jump start. Perhaps you’ve built a self-made website through one of those do-it-yourself sites, but haven’t seen any traffic to it (there’s reasons for that!), or perhaps you’re wondering how to advertise and target the customers you need to target in order to grow your brand. We’re here to help. And we’re that dedicated to ensuring you have all the skills you need, we’re offering you free advice, through our newsletter! You’re free to subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you wish.

Pulpo understands that smaller businesses do not have the time to learn the ins and outs of online advertising. And that’s the catch-22…. because online advertising will eventually mean you spend less time fishing for customers, because they’ll come to you. We’re here to take the time to craft your online presence with you. From tips and tricks on how to maximise the SEO potential to be spotted through search engines such as Google & Bing, to software that helps streamline your online brand recognition, to crafting your ads and analysing the results… Pulpo News will help you to craft your online shop window to bring it into 2017, allowing you to take on your competitors like never before.

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